My First Spring

Spring seems to finally be over in London and I honestly couldn’t be sadder! This may sound very strange: but I have missed the of season spring more than summer!. The reason for this is that I have an expat living in Dubai for the past 6 nearly 7 years. Yes there is plentiful supply of sun but seasons ….. forget it. There are trees in Dubai of course, but there aren’t any trees which blossom or bloom. Call me spoilt but palm trees do get boring after a while . Don’t get me wrong I love seeing them on a beach, but seeing them everywhere can get boring. I really can’t express the joy I felt this year when I got to witness London, Surrey and my home town Oxford burst in to bloom. I think I nearly drove my partner mad! I made him pull over each time I saw a beautiful tree, dragged him around parks and little streets which I had hunted down online for the best spots. I do feel sad that spring is over because I really would love to have explored many more areas of the UK in bloom, but I guess now I shall have to focus Wisteria and summer.

Hope you enjoy my most favourite shots of the season .

With love and lilies … some where on a train to London xoxo

One Comment Add yours

  1. Beautiful photos! Don’t worry, I think London’s decieving us for a few weeks – cherry blossoms usually run up until early June I think 🙂 xx


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