The importance of a Media kit in the blogging world

Media Kit

Do I need a media kit? This is something I am hearing a lot these days. In short; YES. As a marketing manager turned influencers I can’t stress just how important this is. In my previous role in Dubai working in Luxury fashion an influencers media kit was one of the ways I could prove to my brand they were worthy of our collaboration. This is a reflection of your work and can be looked at as a resume in a way. Your media kit presents who you are and what you can do for clients in one neat package. To publications, it is a resource to pull from. The media kit is an optimal moment to highlight the most impressive aspects of your past works and collaborations. Especially in the relatively new and fickle business of blogging, a media kit is imperative in looking professional and demonstrating your value.

So how do you create one? There is no set rules for how they should look or what format they should be, but there are definitely certain pieces of information that can pique clients and publications’ interest.

Here are 5 things you should include in your media kit.

  1. A Brief Bio

Introducing yourself and your blog. Short and sweet is a great approach, as it’s easier to absorb quick bits of information. If you choose to add your backstory, do so in an engaging way. The bio is also a great opportunity to showcase your writing style and tone.

  1. Visuals

Use images which demonstrate the high level of your work, show off your creative ability, and personality.

  1. Samples of Your Work

To give clients and publications an idea of what you and your blog are capable of creating, include a few samples of your best work. You may choose to feature campaigns you’ve done with notable brands and/or a variety of projects to demonstrate versatility.

  1. Your Demographic

Whatever factual information you may have about your audience is super useful to clients, as they will want to be sure your demographic matches theirs. Data like your readership’s age range, gender and location are great starters, but additional info like their interests and activity are bonus points!

  1. Your Reach

Sometimes, the business of blogging is a numbers game. Include statistics about your reach, especially your blog’s monthly unique visitors and social media follower counts.

You can check out mine here  with love and liles media kit

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section below what your important tips are.


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