The Arch Hotel, London

When you think of London, you automatically think of the countries famous landmarks. One of London’s famous landmarks is Marble Arch, which was originally the mall entrance in 1828 for Buckingham palace, but in 1851 it was moved to its new location. Just short walk from this hotel nestled in a street flagged with trees and a small park is a wonderful boutique hotel name after this famous landmark.

What makes this boutique hotel unique compared to others is it wonderful location which boasts celebrities’ as neighbors, and its proximity to the best shopping areas. The hotel boasts 80 beautifully decorated rooms which are located in a Georgian Grade II listed building. Each room is spacious, colorful and extremely opulent, and when it rains our side you certainly won’t want to leave the Arch hotel. One recommendation for this hotel is to book the ABBey suit, the furniture is rich and indulgent, and there is also a wonderful terrace area with heat lamps and chairs, perfect for enjoying a cup of tea or your room service.

The Arch hotel has a wonderful restaurant called HUNter 486, which name is inspired from the 1950’s Fifties dialing code for Marylebone. The restaurant is dark and handsome, with an open plan kitchen with rustic pots and pans, and fabulous booths with curtains for the ultimate VIP dinner setting. The menu is plush and has a lot of offer to all, HUNter 486 is also the best place to start your day in the morning, the breakfast spread is prefect for pre shopping. The Arch hotel is the place to stay when in London, the atmosphere is very relaxed yet bespoke, you will have all your needs met when staying here, the staff is exceptional.   The Arch hotel is refreshing break from all the mass chains of hotels which dominate the London streets. On your next visit to London ensure that you really do stay British with this little gem.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I wrote it a while ago but it deserves some love now


    1. It really is a little gem ❤️

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      1. Yeah seriously…Looks fantastic…


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