Alcotraz Penitentiary, Brick Lane

So it would appear that me being an expat and living out of the UK 6 years means I have been missing out on themed concept venues and temporary concept bars happening back home. In my absence London has since welcomed a Hello Kitty café, a cookie dough bar, a cereal killer café and many more. London has now opened a temporary eerie prison themed bar in brick lane, which allows you experience life as a prisoner, with your poison of choice of course. Now this bar wasn’t something that I happen to discover myself, it was in fact one of my Christmas presents from my partner. I am not going to go in too much depth here but let’s just say this was just up my street. The bar is one of London’s immersive theatrical cocktail bar based on famous Hollywood movies.

Upon arrival you are convicted almost immediately, given orange jump suits, lined up and encouraged to smuggle your contraband (alcohol) in with the help of a few guards. Once inside you are escorted to your cell where you won’t find any typical bar comforts such as candles, drinks menus or snacks. We simply had stools, and a cushion with our Gin in. One thing you do have however, that I’m pretty sure you won’t have in the original Alcatraz Penitentiary is a dedicated bar man to create bespoke cocktails for you with your contraband. 

Bonus of the night: going into solitary confinement with my other half and watching him trying to do magic tricks with cards on the guards and getting it all wrong.

Down side: I wished it had been longer than two hours and I don’t look good in orange.


Despite the fun we had I can understand why some would find this offence due to the trivialisation of a serious social issue.


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