A Parisian love affair with Diptyque.

The Diptyque story begins in 1961 on 34 boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, when three friends an interior designer, a painter and a theatre designer create a parfumerie. Diptyque creates the beautiful decadent scented candles and home fragrances, the French parfumerie are simply adored by beauty aficionados, though with its understated elegance in both aesthetics and scent, it’s not hard to see why. Candles I feel should be a must have in every home, they help set the mood and create beautiful scents and can be used as decretive pieces for home displays. Diptyque is my favourite candle brand of them all.  I remember the very first day I discovered Diptyque, it was a rather warm afternoon in March of 2013. I was opening the first Mulberry store in the Middle East, in Abu Dhabi. The brand had sent over a fellow marketer from the UK and she had carried over 5 Diptyque candles (3 Mimosa and 2 Figuire) in her luggage. We set up the store to near perfection and even had a live string quartet to welcome guests, these beautiful candles just made my event that little bit more memorable. My best memory of this event however was discovering that these candles had been moved to the stock room and left for my attention. Naturally that meant I just inherited £225 of pure luxury indulgence. Soon after this, the scent of Figuire and Mimosa became a signature scent in my home. To this day Figuier in particular is still my signature scent, and all my friends and family know this. During 2013 I burn all 5 of these candles, which then lead to my compulsive need to purchasing many more candles. Thankfully Diptyque graced my obsession with opening a flagship store in Dubai mall, which meant I no longer had to wait for my travels to Paris and London to indulge in this fragrant obsession of mine.

Over the past 5 years as you can imagine I have gone on to own a few Diptyque candles, as my fragrance developed my taste became bolder. Here is a little list of my absolute favourites and what social settings I would use them for.

  • FiguireSocial setting: warm and woody this was my casual evening choice. Wine and cheese nights, date nights in.


    • Fragrant notes: Fig leaves, warmth of the fig bark and tree its self
  • MimosaSocial setting: light and fresh this would be my wake up scent. Ideal for brunches and al fresco dining on the patio.


    • Fragrant notes: the mimosa flower, honey and the light scent of the ocean.
  • BaiesSocial setting: due to its light and airy scent this was my day scent. Lunches and working from home.


    • Fragrant notes: blackcurrant buds and leaves, Bulgarian roses
  • OudSocial setting: This was my go to scent for impressing people. Strictly evening due to its deep richness, for me this was the most luxurious way to create ambiance. One New Years Eve I hosted a Champagne party, where the most talked about thing after was …my candles.


    • Fragrant notes: rich incense, woody notes of sandalwood and patchouli.
  • SandalwoodSocial setting:


    • Fragrant notes:
  • JasminSocial setting: this would be my afternoon or date night slow burner


  • Fragrant notes: light yet sensual, jasmin flowers



What I love about this brand over many other is their beautifully designed jars the craftsmanship behind Diptyque, the design of the candles are exceptional and unparalleled compared to any other luxury, candle brands. Typically I like to keep my home decor very simple, and I simply cannot stand candles which are coloured and contain packaging that is too busy. These beautiful yet simple jars get kept in my home long after the wax is gone. You can use them to plant mini plants in, store make up brushes, stand tea light. They really do have an afterlife after the wax and scent is gone. I do love candles and owning many however I will say that do I save up and keep my money for purchasing these beautiful items, they have really captured my heart with their scents and sophistication.


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